(1998 words - Adam A., music - 6012)

we be the five, kicking it live
6 + 0 + 1 + 2 minus four -
count it down, makes five
'aint no suckers like lolly-pops
chuppa chups, beat kicking on
1 - 1 - 3 we be the crew who be
picking up your feet, keepin it real
never phrunting on nothing, feel the rhythm
so now you see
keeping it real, like it should be
feel the vibe flowing through the 6 - 0 - 1 - 2
rugged and raw the original
sounds various like hilarious
don't take us serious, what's your mother's name?
I'm delirious
still constipation is not what we aim for
like beats, feets, groove coming from the heart
out for one thing to defeat,
to use your souls like real Australians
the Aboriginal the original
smooth as cream, pop the top, look outside
feel the heat inside-out, you know you can't stop
on and on with the body rock

so now you've been told like fat on tummies
starve for passion, 'cause it aint no fashion
not out for style, just the beats and lyrics and love for music
so when you hear it - you know you'll feel it
it's about mic's and people and keeping the pace
you should have told me rock and rap are out of place
keeping it classic here's the bass through your head one day on plastic
fuck around and give you hell
we aim for targets, flip the real skills 'till you smell
in case we bust you up,
yeah all that talk - you know it 'aint action
just like a tallie satisfaction
positive reaction, loosen up, fill your cup what's up?
Sixty Twelve are gonna rock on and on
'til we can't face the dawn, 'til our hearts are torn
peace to you all - live on and on.