(1998 words - Mike B., music - 6012)

my mind wakes up, I wash the sleep out my eyes
stumble to my bucket, pack it up and get high
the room gets brighter so I draw the curtains shut
put some beats on the boom box, make sure it's turned up
my body starts moving as the caffeine flows
I grab a thick brush and my afro grows
get myself funked up so I can step outside
been couped up for days, now it's time to tan my hide

when the day starts off this good you expect it to pick up
but while I wait for my ride I get to thinking my hopes were up
the sky fades from blue to gray as the rain starts to flow
my patience wears thin as the weather fucks my 'fro
the bus turns up and I shake out my hair
the driver fucks my mind as I try to pay the fare
I find myself a seat where there's a good breeze blowing
sit back and get to thinking where the fuck it is I'm going...

* I'm going on a pilgrimage to where the welfare's at
can't get a job because my clothes are too fat
I'm on a pilgrimage, I'm one day from getting paid
when I find a cure for boredom, suckers like me will have it made.*

well the people are real friendly, and the atmosphere's real swell
whoever tells you that can step back and go to hell
the tension's real thick when you step through the door
the people getting jerked around are lined along the floor
the entertainment comes care of daytime T.V.
some people may dig it, but that shit ain't for me
the walls are gray like a prison and the colour's fenced
in one things on my mind - this shit ain't amusing
get the fuck out of dodge, and back to your home
where I can sit comfortably, chill out and get stoned
but I won't go that easy cause they've got another plan
he's getting off too easy - let him fry in the pan
"you can't get paid 'til we get a stool sample"
I can't believe what I'm hearing but it's just one example
of the documented ways welfare can jerk you 'round
before you get the cash you're just a dog in the pound


when I finally get to leaving and my stomach's through heaving
I walk around in a daze, 'cause this shit I ain't believing
what some motherfuckers will do to each other
I'm a human too, now would yo do this to your mother?
click my heels three times to get myself back home
more reliable than a bus and less stress to your dome
I'm tired of getting fucked over by the people that I've met
and now I'm safely inside it's time to put this shit to rest
I finish of my stash 'cause soon I'll have the cash
to get my chalice stocked up, and my hot-knives burning hash
I sit back and think about the kind of day I've had
getting paid once a fortnight makes a motherfucker feel bad.