*6012's MEMBERS*

Adam - Adam began playing drums around the year of '96 - teaching himself the sacred art of the skins. This method of playing has lended him an original sound, sprawling over the kit in a unique fashion and making his decidedly small kit sound incredibly large. Adam usually takes care of mangling his hands rather effectively and his constipated looks show his tireless efforts behind his self titled drum kit. To make up for his years of hard work, Adam generally takes care of clearing up the band's bar tabs.

Peter - Along with our man Adam, Pete is a self-taught artist. Pete got his first bass eight years ago and has played in many bands and done various side projects. He and adam have worked solidly on the rhythm section for almost three years.. His talents also span into the world of guitar - showing this in several bands before 6012, and again when this band first formed. The styles this man possesses are hard to explain, and I'm sure he likes it that way, confusing the general public with his ramblings. Pete's onstage antics definitely show him as more of an energetic player than most bass-heads, and a small pool of sweat (is it sweat?) is usually left beneath his bouncing limbs. Pete takes care of holding together 6012's hip-hop grooves rather nicely, and is also known for his oversized pantaloons.

Mike b - Joining Peter and Adam in '97, Michael added his skills on the guitar to complete the original 6012 line-up. Having been taught by his father in the world of the classique, to being a self-taught electric guitarist has given him a different outlook into constructing his riffs. Steering well away from the 'guitar hero' patent lead solo's (you will find very, very few in 6012's sound), Michael prefers to let the band as a whole create the mood behind Adam's demented lyricism. Other than his work behind the microphone and guitar, Michael is also known for Brisbane's largest collection of Pinhead and Eggplant paraphenalia.

Boomski - Completing the line-up for Sixty Twelve is DJ Boomski. Boomski joined the band shortly after his commendable efforts in the 1998 I.T.F. DJ Championships, and with years of turntable trickery up his sleeve, he decided to take a step towards a different live experience. Quickly coming to terms with their erratic song structures, Boomski was able to effortlessly blend his dynamic turntable skills into the band's existing tracks, and help structure new material. After settling down to the rigourous and demanding lifestyle of live performers, Boomski takes advantage of every off-stage moment, and is known to be partial to the occassional massage during the band's hectic touring seasons.