(1998 words - Adam A., music - 6012)

back once again with another fat rhyme time
to start the dissing like two large pizzas for $21.95
supreme or chicken? the cheese is coming up from the underground
so check the shit I be saying
and maybe you'll get a slice every season
when I turn up the heat in one minute, like a microwave
all in correct time, keeping it slick
cause in the morning we take out vitamins AB and PE
you think you're clever son? watch me blast it son,
run around for forty-five minutes of mumbling
got styles with a hat-trick, too bad about the holes in your socks -
but that's how it is

time to get ditto to the hip, to the hop
you don't quit, you don't stop
I was born around the time of Pacman,
so i'm eating all you ghosts, no respect goes out to Craig Myers
hang him from a tree and set it on fire -
turn the heat up take you outside and burn you like Waco, you're all locked up
start your stumbling cause all your money's been spent on nothing
you should do it like this, but you always miss
I'm never sloppy - keeping it cocky,
attitudes turning people's heads, all you talk is wack
when you're boozing hope you don't start injecting
nothing but losing if you neglect it-
but that's how it is

here's the reason, these rhymes I'm releasing
like the rest of my crew - we be understanding
what it means to be a down-to-earth human being
I am what it is - may not be the man still I'm proud of the life I'm living -
keeping it busy so don't be preparing nothing for later,
four white boys pretending to keep the flow,
like toking on a Phillie and giving off flavour
designer clothes are not for me - being true to the beat
call me when you burst out of your bubble
nothing but trouble - to those keeping it real, a big shout-out to you all
like PWE, Dirty Dan, and Alpha - 410
follow the devil, don't get caught with a pen
catch you, later smoke a six ft. bong
carry on, carry on...
'cause that's how it is