(1998 ©words - Mike B., © music - 6012)

I awoke with a start from a terrible sound
to find myself on my floor, by my bed, now
you might not worry, nor even care -
but you see - there was something hanging in the air...

*flatulence- bringing me down
flatulence- it was shaking the ground
flatulence- it put me in my place
flatulence- all up in my face*

I decided to go dancing - to get me some romancing
went to the floor and like a ninny I was prancing
I was hoing down hard when I felt something in my britches,
I busted out too hard, now my pants need stitches


well back in the day I knew this cat
he drank bucket water and his belly got fat
he'd hang with me through rain or shine
but what made it hard to bare, came outta his behind