(1998 words - mike b, music 6012)
I'm the PIN to the H to the E - A - D
you motherfuckers out there call me Schlitzie
with a fez on my head, the colours all red,
with a tassle down the back - I've got a pointy head and a tuft
because my style is rough
you think I'm a freak 'cause your shit is weak -
don't come dissin' me every day of the week
cause I ain't down with that, you're full crap - so step back
or you'll get a slap in your face, like a can of mace
I got my crew - who'll come at you
like a 10 tonne motherfucker whose singin' the blues
I've got a bearded bitch whose backing me
up the clown huffo will smack you up
because he uses his noodle like a rabid poodle
he'll panic the world and get his hair curled
then there's my man - the living torso,
think he's a worm but he's a breathing mortal
rolling fat blunts- is his stunt
he'll keep us freaks stoned while we're on the hunt
then there's my woman, her name is koo-koo
she'll waggle her ass like she was a froot loop
we got a fire breathing fucker who don't burn his tongue
gets all the girls 'cause my man is well hung

we're the freaks

now my kind hangs with me - we're the 'pinheads three'
Elvira, Jenny-lyn, and myself Schlitzie
elvira's head is small with a fine receeding brow
Jenny's head is ponty, and she just says "Meow!" we're the pinheads with the fine booty
and if you've got a bigger feather, then I'm gonna get snooty
'cause i've got a rep to protect, gotta give respect
out to my man Zip for breaking his neck,
to get us pointy motherfuckers recognized,
and getting our tufts paid and under lights
'cause now I can pay the rounds, and pound the pounds
keeping all my friends high,
and my threads stay fly
pressing my hand to my cheek and slapping the air
if you step up to me, you won't get repaired
'cause if you hang in this hood, you've gotta respect us freaks
or you'll be knock - knockin' on wood

we're the freaks

we've got dwarves and midgets, and players with no legs
Hans smokes the big Phillies, no matter how much Freeda begs
he's been a fat blunt smoker since the age of nine
it's stunted his growth but now he's got things fine
keeping the freakshow freakin', he'll get everybody speaking
about his crops and his wealth - now:'here's to your health!'
but the player's getting played
with a touch of tomaine
but he's one suave fuck, like my main man Ben
now his crew has caught on, now this gang of midgets is gonna drop the bomb
fuck with one freak and you fuck with them all
now I'll paint your insides all over the walls
while sparky plays the pipe, to get us all hyped
we'll think up some way to fuck up your shite
poetic justice is a favourite of mine,
now I think this bird has turned out fine
that's what you get for fucking with me
said it before but still there's time to hang with the freaks we're the freaks